Welcome to my blog. It has become therapy for me and I hope you laugh and cry when reading it. Why cry? Because that is what I want to do on a daily basis because I am either laughing hysterically or becuase I don't know what else to do and murder is still illegal! Enjoy!

Friday, November 19, 2010

On top of spaghetti . . . . . .

So the other night we sat down to eat dinner. Not a huge deal to most families but those of you who know us, know that Timmy is a TERRIBLE eater. (*ahem*) He didn't eat pizza until he was four. Seriously. Now he can't get enough of it. Until this summer you would think that asking him to eat mac-n-cheese equated to ripping each of his fingers off with pliers. Now he does a happy dance when they have it for lunch or dinner. Let's not even talk about the time we had him try scrambled eggs - I am pretty sure a neighbor was ready to call CPS. OK, he still isn't a fan of eggs.
For the longest time, his dinner would be fries. Not chicken & fries or a hot dog & fries - just fries. We started to bribe him if he would eat ONE chicken tender. Now before you think we are terrible people and feed the boys junk - he loves fruit, yogurt, and healthy snacks. They don't drink soda and chose milk or water over juice. He would eat salsa with a spoon if we let him. When I make salads with peppers, I have to build Ft. Knox around the cutting board so he won't eat them all. So if the kid wants fries, I am not going to argue - it isn't worth it. Remember, we are talking Timmy - Mr. Relentless.
Last year he finally started to eat chicken. Guess what? He loves it. Now the little snot has decided that he likes chicken more than he likes fries. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Timmy. One kind of meat down, lots more to go.
We decided to push the limits the other night at dinner . . . . . a meatball. To be more specific, a turkey meatball. Why not? Thanksgiving is coming up - regular turkey would be child's play after a meatball!! So, we put it on a small plate next to his pasta and waited. He cried and whined. We laughed. (that was in our Parenting 101 book)
He looked at it and poked it (yes, poked it). Then he smelled it. Honest - I can't make this up. Then came the quote of the night . . . . .
Timmy: "What's the stuff that smells so good?"
Me: "A candle?"
Rich: "My dinner?"
Andrew: ((not suitable for this blog - let's just say he was proud of the odor))
Timmy: "NO!!!! I remember!!!! CHICKEN!!!!"

*dog head tilt*

Seriously? Chicken?

Then we got back to the task at hand - the meatball. He asked what it tasted like. Ummmmmm . . . . a turkey meatball? We lied. We told him chicken - he seemed to be on a roll with chicken so why not go with it? (that was also in Parenting 101 - maybe we got a bad copy?)
Then came the moment - something I never thought would happen. Timmy actually complained that something was too cold to eat and asked us to reheat it. I almost passed out! To say he likes his food tepid is an understatement. There have been times when I want to just toss a frozen hot dog on a plate with some ranch and ketsup for his dinner.
Once we got over the initial shock, we quickly reheated the meatball. After giving it the once over (more like third over), he "tasted" it. Then we made him *really* taste it.
And the verdict? He liked it! He really liked it!
Maybe this Thanksgiving we can all have a REAL Thanksgiving dinner!!!!

*oh - just so ya know, his pasta that night had no sauce and no cheese . . . . baby steps, people.  

Friday, November 12, 2010

Electric Boogaloo

Ya know how most parents get nervous when their kids are quiet? We don't get nervous, we are terrified! Thankfully the other night wasn't one of those times . . . . . quiet is the total opposite of what they were. What scared us is that they were in our bedroom. They had just finished up showers and were supposed to be watching Johnny Test (a current favorite in the Buck house) and settling before heading to bed . . . . yeah, not so much.
They were loud and laughing. Like crazy. Then we heard some thumps. And more laughter. Then kind of a sproingy noise (yes, a technical term). More laughter.
Then we heard, "Andrew! Watch this!"
That was our cue . . . . .

Rich was the brave one that went in (ok, so he is the only one of us that can walk right now!) . . . . and this is what I heard:
Rich: "Are you guys jumping on our bed!?!"
Timmy: "No!! We are breakdancing!"
What he really meant: "Duh dad! We know we aren't allowed to jump on your bed! And since we are such good kids that ALWAYS listen, we just find loopholes in the rules! There was never any mention of no breakdancing!"

Now we need to go through all rules and find loopholes. We are in trouble!! *sigh*

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Ventress Day!!!!!!!!

Hello!!!!!! I know, it has been a LONGGGGGGGGGG time since you have heard from the Buck Family! We have been busy - these darned kids seem to have activities, school, and a social life!
I couldn't think of a better way to get back than to blogging than to wish everyone a Happy Ventress Day! Yes, you heard me, Happy Ventress Day. Never heard of it? Me either! All I know is that Timmy came home from school yesterday all excited to have the day off to honor Ventress. I was shocked! A full day to honor a Clone Wars character? Wow! I must be really missing out on the new holidays! Rich always jokes about how the kids get every holiday under the sun off (I won't mention that in high school we once got a day off for beating his high school in basketball - seriously). As we talked and Timmy told us that he made a wreath for Ventress I got even MORE confused (it must be the pain meds - or lack-there-of). Why does Ventress need a wreath? Is she going on Survivor and needs an immunity necklace? Is she trying to impress some Dark Jedi?
So then Andrew translated . . . . . Happy VETERAN'S DAY!!!!
Don't think that Andrew is getting off scott free . . . . In honor of all of our brave men and women that fought for us, he made a card for out local VA. I asked what he wrote on the card and was so impressed . . . . He thanked them for their service and told them how brave they are. He thanked them again for giving up a lot to keep us safe and said he hoped that they were OK after being in the war . . . . and then came his closer:
"Are you in the Air Force or not?"
Love, Andrew