Welcome to my blog. It has become therapy for me and I hope you laugh and cry when reading it. Why cry? Because that is what I want to do on a daily basis because I am either laughing hysterically or becuase I don't know what else to do and murder is still illegal! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Bet you didn't think I could talk about him in two entries, did you!?!?! Technically this should be for a Throwback Thursday but it makes me laugh and I just mentioned poor Harry yesterday.

I love the Muppets. Seriously. I want another tattoo and I want it to be Muppet related. Jim Henson is my hero. He should be Saint Henson. I have introduced The Muppets (the REAL Muppets) to the boys. They love them, too - I feel like I have succeeded as a mom!
We bought a few seasons on DVD - and Harry Belafonte was a guest star on one of them. Timmy cracks up during this episode - seriously cracks up. One day he told me he wanted to see Harry Balls. I think my jaw dropped and my eyes bugged out of the sockets. I had NO idea what he was talking about. He asked about five more times - and I was still completely clueless.Then he started talking about watching Animal with Harry Balls - it was getting worse. I FINALLY figured out that he was talking about Harry Belafonte.

We have since asked him to NEVER talk about poor Mr. Belafonte in public.
Enjoy this classic - we just watched it and Timmy nearly peed his pants laughing! (stop laughing - he was sitting on my lap) 

Friday, July 30, 2010

SURE it was a mosquito!

All poor Andrew wanted to do was play the bongos - I hear that the ones at the new town park are really great - they have a decidedly metal tone that harkens (yes, I said harkens) back to the steel drums on the playground that my poor underprivileged dad played with on Long Island. You know, the one he had to walk 20 miles each way to use - and it was uphill EACH way and it was ALWAYS snowing. The playground must have been near his school.
Anyway, Andrew was really getting into a  . . . . groove (for lack of a better word) and all of a sudden a rogue mosquito came and decided to feast on him.

At least that is his explanation for things. I hope that is the reason - otherwise I have to live with the fact that I really do have odd children. Well, I know they are  . . . . unique - but just randomly hitting himself in the head while playing some mean playground bongos? That would make him odd.

I am pretty confident that Harry Belafonte has nothing to worry about . . . . . .

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Throwback Thursday

I am going to try and make Thursdays my day to share some oldies but goodies! I kind of stole the idea from my friend & his finace who are blogging about their wedding - they are using Wednesday as a quote day and I thought it was a great idea!!! Plus, it's not like I am going to run out of material . . . . . **rolling my eyes**
Picture it - March 2010 . . . . beautiful and sunny Florida. Warm. Sandy. Florida-y. Lots of jetskis. I am happy to say that my mom was in the car with us so I have a witness. Credible? That is up to you to decide. 
We were driving back from the beach that my grandparents and father used to drag us to when we were little - lovely beach for adults but not so much for kids. That's is another story . . . . Anyway, all of a sudden Timmy starts talking. Shocking,  know. He was telling us that on Christmas Day back at home, we can ride jetskis in the front yard. Why????
Wait for it . . . .

Because snow is made of water and all you need is water for a jetski.

How could we argue? Seriously?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And then Spongebob and Patrick went to Jellyfish field . . . .

This video is the catalyst for starting my blog. Chris has been bugging us to put cameras around the house so we could have a reality TV show. He didn't understand why I wasn't too keen on that idea. He swears we have a goldmine with the kids - I don't disagree but I still don't want cameras around to capture the rare not-so-fun moments with my perfect little darling angels. *Ahem*
Let me set the scene . . . . . Timmy was upstairs in the spare bedroom watching TV - I assumed he was watching Spongebob. Andrew was in the great room watching Spongebob. (God forbid they watch it together but that is a different story)  No big deal, right? Well . . . . . nothing can be assumed or taken for granted in our house. Not even something as simple as watching Spongebob.
I heard Andrew talking but Tim wasn't near him and Lord knows he wasn't talking to me. I was confused (not out of the ordinary for me) so I went to investigate. I am so glad that I had my phone with me to capture this because NOBODY would have believed me. Seriously - but you can't make this stuff up . . . .
Andrew was on his walkie talkie doing play-by-play of the Spongebob episode he was watching. He was talking to Timmy . . . . who was watching the SAME episode upstairs. Yup, Andrew was telling Timmy what was happening as Timmy was watching it. The funniest part - about 5 seconds after I stopped recording, I noticed that Timmy was standing on the landing WITHOUT his walkie talkie. He said, "Ummmm Andrew, I am not using my walkie talkie." Poor Andrew, all of that for nothing!  
I tried to look at the bright side of it - maybe Andrew will grow up and be a great sports commentator. Maybe he will be the next Phil Simms and do play-by-play  . . . . Maybe he will be an auctioneer - yes, it's a stretch but other than that, I've got nothing.
Maybe - just maybe, my family is crazy.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Redneck Pool

Yup, that is the kind of pool that we have - a redneck one. Who needs one of those fancy schmancy inground pools when you can just wait for a torrential downpour? Plus, it's slightly cheaper! OK, so people who live in more desert-like climates might be waiting a little longer - and then they may have more of a private beach . . . . but all of that is beside the point.
Now you get to meet Timmy's girlfriend - Brooke. Yes, he has a wife AND a girlfriend - and to make it even more interesting, the girls are close friends. We call them Timmy's Harem - they are going to move to Utah and live on a commune. The other fun point is that Brooke's brother,  Spencer,  is one of  Andrew's other best friends and her parents, Bob & Jill, are two of our other best friends. Got it? There will be a test later. We like to keep it all in the family - it's less confusing (trust me).
So, back to the redneck pool . . . . we had a birthday party for Andrew and it poured partway through. I mean POURED - our neighbors were gathering wood for an ark. All of the kids had been swimming in the OTHER redneck pool (picture one of those rectangular inflatable pools with part of the Little Tykes play set hooked up to it - not, I am not kidding) earlier - but came in for dinner, cake, and the ever popular presents. After most people left, the girls and Timmy decided to play on the playground - but got sidetracked by the ginormous stream that was forming in our backyard. I think it had something to do with the fact that Brooke actually lost a flip flop running through the stream. Thankfully they came in and got their bathing suits on while the older three boys looked at them like they were completely insane. You KNOW you are insane when three boys going into second grade roll their eyes at you. (Their teenage years will be a blast)
Timmy, Sofia, and Brooke had a BLAST playing it the water. They went from one wing of the pool to another - our pool is REALLY fancy - take that Tom & Jenn! Once they were tired of the big pool, they moved on to the smaller redneck pool with the slide. To say that the water was gross is a total understatement. It looked like nasty chocolate milk. Trust me - they didn't care. The two best moments came from Sofia and Brooke . . . Sofia had a wedgie and Brooke decided to fix it for her. The best though was when Brooke was climbing up onto the top and accidentally bumped her head into Sofia's butt. It sent Sofia down the slide and five adults into complete hysterics.

I would love to be able to say that our gatherings and parties are normally different and more mature - but I would be lying.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Chris!!!!!!!!

Yes, I know this is about the kids . . . but . . . well . . . . for those that know Chris . . . . he's going to kill me for this. Plus, if it weren't for his kids, I wouldn't have nearly as much material! Not only is Chris Timmy's drum teacher (yes, we are insane) and future father-in-law but he is also one our best friends. We see him and his lovely and patient wife all of the time - over the past two years our family has expanded and now includes them (and two other familes that I need to introduce very soon).
He sent me an ecard for my birthday and I was scared to open it. I was expecting every age joke, fart refernce, and sarcastic comment possible.
But I was wrong - and ticked because now I have to be nice to him. *sigh* That is really hard. Really hard.
In all seriousness, he and I are very alike. It's scary  - and we wonder why our kids are like twins - except for that whole size difference thing with Nick and Andrew. Chris is like a brother to me. A much older brother.
He is a great person that would do anything for you and we are so lucky to be able to call him a friend.
So, Happy Birthday  - we love you!!!!
Old Speckled Hen, anyone?
Hopefully this font was large enough for him to read . . . .

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nicholas . . . . I am electrocuting your butt!


And that, my friends would be the perfect example of why I am starting a blog. That was the comment of the night from Timmy to one of his best friends. We all (Rich, my parents, and Nick's parents - if you don't know them already, you will get to know Chris & Jennifer very well through this little blog) all looked at each other and just shook our heads. What else could we do? We had already laughed at my two little Einsteins when we noticed them wildly shaking their heads back and forth . . . . we made the mistake of assuming they were trying to get water out of their ears. Nope - that would make WAYYYY too much sense. Guess what they were doing? Go ahead . . . . guess.
Give up?
Missing a few members of the gang . . .
We did. They were trying to drool. Yes, you read right - drool. No, I am not kidding - how could I make that up? Plus, I have 5 witnesses and we weren't drinking (although I think we may have needed to start at that point).
Don't worry - the fun didn't end there!!!!!!! No way! A little later, I saw Andrew using the water gun to shoot water down the front of Nick's bathing suit. Timmy was next - and then Nick had Andrew squirt it down the back of his suit. That was after they realized that they have "emergency bathing suits". You just did the dog head tilt - didn't you? We did. They were making their suits bubble up and then punch them down. In 20 years when we don't have grandkids, we will know why!
And for those of you who know Sofia (Nick's sister and Timmy's future wife) - she wasn't an innocent bystander in any of this. I think she changed more times than Celine Dion during a concert (like that, Chris?!?). Plus, her bathing suit top wouldn't stay up - not that she cared. She also came out to inform me that Timmy couldn't find his underwear. I chose not to ask too many questions.

Welcome to my little blog . . . . I have more wonderful stories to share!
Yup, really.