Welcome to my blog. It has become therapy for me and I hope you laugh and cry when reading it. Why cry? Because that is what I want to do on a daily basis because I am either laughing hysterically or becuase I don't know what else to do and murder is still illegal! Enjoy!

Friday, November 19, 2010

On top of spaghetti . . . . . .

So the other night we sat down to eat dinner. Not a huge deal to most families but those of you who know us, know that Timmy is a TERRIBLE eater. (*ahem*) He didn't eat pizza until he was four. Seriously. Now he can't get enough of it. Until this summer you would think that asking him to eat mac-n-cheese equated to ripping each of his fingers off with pliers. Now he does a happy dance when they have it for lunch or dinner. Let's not even talk about the time we had him try scrambled eggs - I am pretty sure a neighbor was ready to call CPS. OK, he still isn't a fan of eggs.
For the longest time, his dinner would be fries. Not chicken & fries or a hot dog & fries - just fries. We started to bribe him if he would eat ONE chicken tender. Now before you think we are terrible people and feed the boys junk - he loves fruit, yogurt, and healthy snacks. They don't drink soda and chose milk or water over juice. He would eat salsa with a spoon if we let him. When I make salads with peppers, I have to build Ft. Knox around the cutting board so he won't eat them all. So if the kid wants fries, I am not going to argue - it isn't worth it. Remember, we are talking Timmy - Mr. Relentless.
Last year he finally started to eat chicken. Guess what? He loves it. Now the little snot has decided that he likes chicken more than he likes fries. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Timmy. One kind of meat down, lots more to go.
We decided to push the limits the other night at dinner . . . . . a meatball. To be more specific, a turkey meatball. Why not? Thanksgiving is coming up - regular turkey would be child's play after a meatball!! So, we put it on a small plate next to his pasta and waited. He cried and whined. We laughed. (that was in our Parenting 101 book)
He looked at it and poked it (yes, poked it). Then he smelled it. Honest - I can't make this up. Then came the quote of the night . . . . .
Timmy: "What's the stuff that smells so good?"
Me: "A candle?"
Rich: "My dinner?"
Andrew: ((not suitable for this blog - let's just say he was proud of the odor))
Timmy: "NO!!!! I remember!!!! CHICKEN!!!!"

*dog head tilt*

Seriously? Chicken?

Then we got back to the task at hand - the meatball. He asked what it tasted like. Ummmmmm . . . . a turkey meatball? We lied. We told him chicken - he seemed to be on a roll with chicken so why not go with it? (that was also in Parenting 101 - maybe we got a bad copy?)
Then came the moment - something I never thought would happen. Timmy actually complained that something was too cold to eat and asked us to reheat it. I almost passed out! To say he likes his food tepid is an understatement. There have been times when I want to just toss a frozen hot dog on a plate with some ranch and ketsup for his dinner.
Once we got over the initial shock, we quickly reheated the meatball. After giving it the once over (more like third over), he "tasted" it. Then we made him *really* taste it.
And the verdict? He liked it! He really liked it!
Maybe this Thanksgiving we can all have a REAL Thanksgiving dinner!!!!

*oh - just so ya know, his pasta that night had no sauce and no cheese . . . . baby steps, people.  

Friday, November 12, 2010

Electric Boogaloo

Ya know how most parents get nervous when their kids are quiet? We don't get nervous, we are terrified! Thankfully the other night wasn't one of those times . . . . . quiet is the total opposite of what they were. What scared us is that they were in our bedroom. They had just finished up showers and were supposed to be watching Johnny Test (a current favorite in the Buck house) and settling before heading to bed . . . . yeah, not so much.
They were loud and laughing. Like crazy. Then we heard some thumps. And more laughter. Then kind of a sproingy noise (yes, a technical term). More laughter.
Then we heard, "Andrew! Watch this!"
That was our cue . . . . .

Rich was the brave one that went in (ok, so he is the only one of us that can walk right now!) . . . . and this is what I heard:
Rich: "Are you guys jumping on our bed!?!"
Timmy: "No!! We are breakdancing!"
What he really meant: "Duh dad! We know we aren't allowed to jump on your bed! And since we are such good kids that ALWAYS listen, we just find loopholes in the rules! There was never any mention of no breakdancing!"

Now we need to go through all rules and find loopholes. We are in trouble!! *sigh*

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Ventress Day!!!!!!!!

Hello!!!!!! I know, it has been a LONGGGGGGGGGG time since you have heard from the Buck Family! We have been busy - these darned kids seem to have activities, school, and a social life!
I couldn't think of a better way to get back than to blogging than to wish everyone a Happy Ventress Day! Yes, you heard me, Happy Ventress Day. Never heard of it? Me either! All I know is that Timmy came home from school yesterday all excited to have the day off to honor Ventress. I was shocked! A full day to honor a Clone Wars character? Wow! I must be really missing out on the new holidays! Rich always jokes about how the kids get every holiday under the sun off (I won't mention that in high school we once got a day off for beating his high school in basketball - seriously). As we talked and Timmy told us that he made a wreath for Ventress I got even MORE confused (it must be the pain meds - or lack-there-of). Why does Ventress need a wreath? Is she going on Survivor and needs an immunity necklace? Is she trying to impress some Dark Jedi?
So then Andrew translated . . . . . Happy VETERAN'S DAY!!!!
Don't think that Andrew is getting off scott free . . . . In honor of all of our brave men and women that fought for us, he made a card for out local VA. I asked what he wrote on the card and was so impressed . . . . He thanked them for their service and told them how brave they are. He thanked them again for giving up a lot to keep us safe and said he hoped that they were OK after being in the war . . . . and then came his closer:
"Are you in the Air Force or not?"
Love, Andrew


Friday, October 1, 2010


Duke. I am guessing that some of you are wondering who Duke is. Duke Jupiter? Nope. Duke Ellington? Nada. Duke University? Try again. The Genesis album Duke? Sadly, no.
So, who is Duke? Duke is the new dog.
What? New dog? You are probably thinking that we are totally off our rockers - even more so than usual. Dog!?!?! Yes, we already have two dogs and a cat (and two kids). But Timmy really wanted Duke. REALLY wanted Duke. He promised to take care of him and hug him and love him . . . I wanted to call him George. He said that he would feed Duke - they already feed the dogs as part of their allowance so that part I knew was true. He even got Duke a leash!! What about making sure Duke got exercise? Timmy said he would do it. What about cleaning up after Duke and watching him? He SWORE he would. He promised. I believed him.
Why on God's green (and soggy) earth did I believe him? I will say that he did run around and play with Duke - a lot for the first few days. Andrew even played with Duke.
But guess who Duke slept with at night? Us. Why? "Mom - Duke HAS to sleep with you - he kept me up alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll night barking and whining!" (picture it with slumped shoulders, hands dragging down to the floor, and exasperated and annoyed voice)
I shouldn't have been surprised - I knew it would happen. Who listens to a five year old? 
Things went well for a few days . . . . .

Then it happened. Timmy came down with very sad eyes and the corners of his mouth touching his shoulders. Duke was hurt. 
That was an understatement. Duke was beyond hurt - there was no help for Duke. All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Duke back together again. 

Duke had popped. 
Whoa. Back the bus up! POPPED!?!?!
Duke was a balloon. Yes, a balloon. A dog balloon. No - not a balloon shaped like a dog (that would make WAY too much sense for this family). Duke was a plain old balloon that Timmy blew up and tied a ribbon around. Go ahead, shake your head. Laugh. Do the dog head tilt. We did.
We don't know why - we didn't ask because it's pointless.

Don't worry about Timmy though - his grief lasted a whopping 3.5 seconds and then he was asking me for another balloon. Then we spent a few hours trying to think of a new name. I was still pushing for George. Timmy came up with the name - Duke!

(seriously - I can't make this stuff up!)

Timmy and Duke, Sr. in happier days

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Biology 101

This is a two for one! I know it's Throwback Thursday but I have a few recent comments that fit right in . . . .
When Andrew was a baby we said we wanted to make sure he knew the correct terms for his body parts. And we meant it - not like my uncle who said he would teach my cousin the right terms and not use any "silly names" . . . . who wound up making up names for everything. That still makes my mom laugh!
Anyway, some of you know that I used to volunteer (and eventually work) for AIDS Rochester. As a volunteer I would go to different schools - mainly high schools - and give talks on HIV/AIDS and staying safe. At my lovely alma mater, I started out talking in health classes. On World AIDS Day I was asked to come in and give a couple of talks - so I ended up talking to the entire school during three or four assemblies. When I worked at ARI, I was constantly talking to clients about . . . . private issues (I am trying to stay G rated). Yes, there is a point to this! The point is, I am not bothered when it comes to talking about certain things. So when it came time to teach the boys correct terms, that was a piece of cake!
BUT . . . . . when I worked at ARI, we had a funny term that was used in the staff room - Manly Unit. GO ahead, laugh. It's funny. In a job like that humor is needed. Well, we started to use it around Andrew and Timmy when they were really little - and they started to use it, too. Yes, they learned the correct term, but Manly Unit is freaking hysterical - especially coming from a two year old.
Now when it was bathtime, Rich invented a new term . . . . undercarriage. He needed to make sure things were washed and rinsed so he told them to stand up so their undercarriage could rinsed! Wellllllllll, it was fine until they learned how funny farts are. Once, someone said "Oh Nelly!" right after one of the boys let one go (and promptly peeled the paint in the kitchen walls). The term "Oh Nelly!" took off! Add all of that together and you wind up with adults rolling on the floor laughing with tears running down their faces - ultimately encouraging the innocent little two and three year olds in front of them. I believe the exact quote was, "Daddy! Did you know Oh Nelly's come from my under carriage!" . . . . . followed by the next statement (seriously - same conversation) . . ."EWWW! Timmy just rrrriiiiiippppppppppppped one!".
*sigh* It's only gotten worse!

Now for the more recent comments from Timmy . . . .
He is very in gymnastics (remember the training for London 2012?!). We enrolled him in a class at a real gymnastics training center. No, we don't think we have the next Nadia or Mary Lou - wait, wrong gender. You get what I mean! It's something that he is good at, enjoys, and needs to learn how to do things safely. Aren't I such a killjoy?
Lately he has been practicing his headstand and handstand - he is bound and determined to learn a front handspring on his own. The little snot is actually pretty close to learning it, too! One day he fell over (which has become his new hobby - he is the king of pratfalls) and started laughing. It was pretty funny so we all laughed - and then he announced that he had fallen on his ....................
I don't know - don't even try to ask. I guess it goes along with his headcap, and elbowpad - all of which are part of his body but certainly aren't part of mine!   

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is it Time Warner Cable time?

If you haven't figured it out yet, Andrew likes numbers. I know, that was the "no duh" understatement of the year. I almost wanted to warn his poor teacher - but I figured she needed to figure it out just like we did! And, yes, we LOVE his teacher. I did a happy dance (Snoopy & Woodstock style) when I opened our teacher assignment and saw her name. And, no, I am not just saying that because she is most likely reading this. We really do love her.
When it comes to telling time, Andrew is . . . . . . I don't even know the word. At bedtime he will give us a kiss and then tell us that we are having friends over in 14 hours and 43 minutes. I can't make that up. I am also embarrassed to say that it takes us a minute to figure out that he is right (not that we don't believe him because that would be like not believing that grass is green). It's not like he sits there counting on his fingers or has things figured out before we come in - he just knows. It's freaky in a cool and scary way.
When it comes to telling time, he lives by Time Warner Cable time. He rolled his eyes (shocker) at me because I set the oven clock to one minute BEHIND TWC time. What - me do things to annoy my children? Nah. *cough* Timmy has joined the love of TWC time, too. He actually asked Jill and Bob if their clock was set to TWC. We should get residuals from TWC.
Needless to say, learning how to tell time at school was boring for him. Not that we blame his teacher - it's an important thing to know and she needs to make sure the class learns it. She didn't know Rainman Jr was in her class! I knew it would be interesting when I saw the classroom clock labeled with '10 after', 'quarter after', 'half past' . . . . . I couldn't wait for the telling time lesson! Again, I could have warned his teacher but why save her when we had to learn the hard way? Besides, she needs someone to talk about at home! I am totally fine with Andrew being "that kid" . . . . he is entertaining and unique. (I keep telling myself that those are good things)  
We didn't have to wait long. The lesson came in the first full week of school. I will say that we (thankfully) have a son that is VERY respectful to his teachers and would not let on how utterly bored he was. That being said, telling Timmy and Rich about it at home was a slightly different story . . . .
Rich: "Andrew, how was school?"
Andrew: "We learned about clocks." (said in slight disgust)
Timmy: "DUDE! You already know about clocks!" (total shock in his voice - mixed with a tinge of pity)
Andrew: "Well, apparently my teacher didn't realize that." (total deadpan with emphasis on the word apparently and dripping with sarcasm)


It's going to be a long year for his teacher. And like it isn't bad enough having Andrew in class . . . Nick and Spencer are in his class (again - don't these people ever learn!?!) AND this poor woman gets to see me more than she probably would like - we are on a committee together and I volunteer a lot. Lucky her! Don't worry - we give good gifts!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday happenings . . . . continued.

I knew I would have more to add . . . . I know, I always do! (shut up, Chris)

Yesterday afternoon we were planning on trying to tie-dye peace signs on shirts ('cause that is how we hippies roll). 'Trying' would be the operative word. In fact, it took the two of us - both reasonably intelligent people - 45 minutes to figure it out. And that was WITH a video tutorial. Not mentioning names (but it rhymes with Rich), someone had been folding the shirts wrong. Oh yeah - there was also the minor fact that it's easier to do when the shirt is already wet - which makes using the water soluble fabric marking pen difficult to work with. Just sayin'. We FINALLY got it figured out - then there was no stopping us! We did five peace sign shirts, a pair of pillow cases (we had LOTS of extra orange dye left), and an extra shirt for Andrew.  Not to mention the tie-dying (camo!) we did on Saturday night with our closeted hippie friends.
Obviously, we like to tie-dye. Not that the haphazard designs we have been doing aren't cool, but there is much more to the tie-dye world! We are only just getting our feet wet! Well, actually it's more getting our hands wet but that isn't the point. The point is, we need to learn more.
I am kind of thinking that Michael's doesn't have too many classes on how to tie dye. And considering we live in Rochester and not Hippie meccas like Austin, Texas or Portland, Oregon . . . . . I need a book. Yes, hippies read. So I said to Rich, "Innocent enough, right? What could go wrong with that comment?
Andrew could go wrong with that.
He thought I said, "We really should get a book about patterns for tie dye SHOES" and started chanting .....
"Tie dye shoes! Tie dye shoes! Tie dye shoes!"

Did it end there? Of course not - otherwise I wouldn't have this silly blog!
At dinner Timmy decided that his chicken tenders were FINALLY cool enough to eat. And by cool, I mean stone cold - I have no idea why we bother cooking things for him. We, of course, were 3/4 done with our dinner so we have plenty of time to talk to each other. PLENTY of time. As a side note, we will be holding Tim and Sofia's wedding reception soon. They eat at the same pace and we want to live long enough to make it through the festivities - and we want grandchildren before we are 80.
Back to Timmy's fine dining . . . . so he starts to eat but realizes that he doesn't have ranch. The horror! Neither of my kids can have a meal without ranch of ketchup (usually both). When they saw their lovely uncle empty a bag of potato chips into a bowl, douse it with ketchup, and eat it like cereal their eyes lit up. I, on the other hand, wanted to kill my parent's youngest child. (like how I did that - deflected all genetic factors right to my mom and dad!)
Timmy also has the habit of not watching what he is doing. That may come as a shock to some of you, but really - it's true! He wasn't watching the ranch come out of the bottle and almost ended up with a lake of ranch on his plate - all for a whopping four chicken tenders. Rich "yelled" at him and told him to start paying more attention. While Rich was talking to him, Timmy was laughing. Another shocker, I know. So Rich asked him to stop laughing so he could listen to what was being said.
Big mistake - remember, you need to bring your A game with these kids. All.of.the.time.
"But dad! My mouth can't stop smiling!"
And that folks was the end of that "lecture". I couldn't even look at Rich - I had my head on the table to hide the tears of laughter that we literally rolling down my cheeks.

Maybe I should install those video cameras . . . . just to really prove that this is my life.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life according to Timmy

I know, it's a loaded title. I just wanted to give even more insight to our world - one that Timmy allows us to be a part of. Take yesterday . . . . . . I finished setting up the Halloween village and decorations - the house looks very festive! Timmy came up to us and asked, "What day of Halloween do we trick-or-treat?"
He asked again . . . . with a slight tinge of 'you are the dumbest parents on the planet' tone.
Again, huh?
Rich simply said, "Sunday."
Now the tone was 'you are the dumbest parents in the galaxy and how did I get stuck with you' mixed with an eyeroll . . . . .
"But WHAT Sunday?"
Rich: "Sunday, October 31st - you know, HALLOWEEN."
Nope, no sarcasm there.
Timmy: "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! You mean Halloween is only one day?"

Today has not been much different in Timmyland . . . . .
He and Andrew had been playing in the basement when he came running up and asked me if I knew how to play 'Rock, paper, scissors, shoe'.
I gave him the dog head tilt - so did Rich.
I asked is he meant 'rock, paper, scissors' . . . you guessed it - eyeroll, sigh, dumb parent thing . . . NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He MEANT 'rock, paper, scissors, SHOE!'
Silly me.
I asked him to show me . . .
Wait for it  .................................
"Rock, paper, scissors . . . SHOE!"
Yup. He thought it was 'shoe' - not 'SHOOT'.
When he went to show scissors, he made them look like a gun - totally on accident. So, he wanted to use a shoe but tried to use a gun to shoot my paper when he really wanted to cut it.

But it gets better. Didn't think it was possible? Have you not met Timmy?

A few minutes ago he came up from the basement and yelled (even though we were in the same room),
"I am hungry!"  (shocker)
We didn't answer - he was merely making a statement. Yes, we can be just as passive aggressive.
Then he yelled, "Can. I. Have. A. SNACK???????????????" (in a voice best described as the devil meets Edith Bunker)
Me: "Of course"
Timmy: "OK! But first! I have to go to the bathroom!" (said in his best superhero voice)

After a minute, he comes back (hands washed, thankfully) and proceeds to get his snack. All of a sudden we hear a loud thud/crash followed by "I'm OK!" . . . . . .
Phew - I was ready to call 911 and The National Guard! I am SO glad he was ok! Crisis averted!
About 10 seconds later we hear, "Can the dogs eat Sunchips?"
Rich: "They can have a couple - not a lot!"
Genius boy: "Two?"
Rich: "Yes, that's fine"
Genius boy: "Ummm, how about three?"
"Wait! How about four?"


And it isn't even 3:00.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Giant Pepper in Syracuse (playing basketball)

To continue with our travelogue . . . . . not only did we go to Jamestown and Dansville, we went to Syracuse for the NYS Fair! Could the summer get any better? I mean really, what could possibly top Dansville and Jamestown? Not much - but seeing Giant Pepper was close!
Wait . . . . back the bus up! Giant Pepper?!? You are most likely wondering WHO that is. If not, then you and Timmy have a bond that can't (and shouldn't) be explained - or talked about in public. I know I have mentioned that our boys love out "hippie" music. They want Derek Trucks to give them guitar lessons. They know the Mike Mattison is in two bands. They know 99% of the lyrics to Susan Tedeschi's songs. We are proud! They both LOVE Giant Pepper. Timmy thinks he is really cool - and he's one of Timmy's favorite singers. They think it's really cool that mommy got to see him in concert - and that Nana went, too! Timmy's second favorite song has Giant Pepper singing.
So, who is Giant Pepper? Well, it's none other than John Popper! Duh!?! Who else would it be?  Timmy actually thought his name was Giant Pepper - and when he asked me to play a Giant Pepper song, I was stumped. It took me a minute to figure it out - Timmy finally had to tell me he wanted to hear "I Shall be Released". And yes, I got the "Duh mom" eyeroll attitude. Don't know where he got it . . . .
When we told the boys that we were taking them to the concert, they were psyched! Now that Timmy has his name figured out, instead of seeing Blues Traveler, we saw the John Popper Band. I think Timmy's name change kind of takes the coolness factor out and adds a geriatric factor. I tried to correct him but - well, most of you know how much fun THAT is. (shut up, peanut gallery)
The concert was amazing - so amazing that Timmy fell asleep 2/3 of the way through and Andrew played his DS. In all fairness, we had been at Rich's company picnic all afternoon so it had been a long day. The boys did enjoy it and loved when I brought them up front so I could get a few pictures. Tiimy said that the music was loud - should he be the pot or the kettle?
BUT . . . . in order to GET to the concert, we had to go to Syracuse. No big deal - hop on the thruway and drive for an hour. The boys were fine until we said something about almost being in Syracuse. Now, I can't tell you exactly how the rest of the conversation went because it involved Timmy. If I remember and understand it, he thought we were going to a basketball game at the State Fair before we saw The John Popper Band. Don't ask - I don't know. We patiently explained that Syracuse is a city, the State Fair is held once a year in Syracuse, and we were going to see BLUES TRAVELER.
Then came the comment of the day . . . .
"Oh!!! Syracuse is so famous that they named the city after the basketball team!"
I can't make it up. Seriously.
Then he informed us that he wants to work at the fair when he is older. He said that he won't own his music store so he could work the fair - but then decided that he could do both and just take a vacation to work the fair. . . .  "Just like people who work at Wegmans do when they work the fair."
Again, seriously. He and Sofia are going to roam the country working as carnies . . . . and being groupies for the John Popper Band - which by then will live up to the new geriatric name!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Smithsonian is calling . . . .

And they want their microwave back!
Over Labor Day Weekend we went to Dansville. I know, I know - we are so well travelled! The boys have no idea how lucky they are - first Jamestown and then Dansville . . . both in the same month!!! I don't know if they have recovered from the excitement or not - we want to take them to NYC but I think it will be such a letdown after our world class trips during the month of August!
Anyway, we went for the Festival of Balloons. Last year we got to see the balloons take off on Friday night and it was so beautiful that we wanted to see them take off in the morning. Well, they take off at about 6:30 - yes, A.M.! Since we had no desire to wake up at 3:00 and drive to Dansville, we stayed with Jennifer's parents. I have to add that Donna and Paul could not have been nicer and more welcoming - it was wonderful!!
Friday night was pretty windy and cool - so no balloons. Instead we sat around, ate, and drank. The kids had a ball playing - we had a ball hanging out. We mostly sat around the kitchen table (after all, it was where the pizza and beer was). The kitchen table happens to be in front of the microwave. Pretty normal, right?
Not so much. You see, Paul and Donna have a microwave that is older than me. Seriously. I am pretty sure it was made in the early 1970s and can cook a turkey in 30 seconds. There is nothing wrong with the microwave - other than it doesn't have a clock and I found myself looking at it several times to check the time. It's just old. Ancient in terms of technology.
We laughed (a lot) about it and Chris told us that they have offered for YEARS to buy them a new one. Not a chance - they are happy with it! If nothing else, it's a great conversation piece. Which leads me to the point of this blog entry. Andrew. Yup . . . my little sweet boy.
You may know that Rich and I are a little sarcastic Only a tiny bit. Well, the kids are a wee bit sarcastic, too. I think that they got most of it from Rich. Andrew and Timmy are both hysterical - but in different ways. Timmy is just Timmy. You can't really describe him. He just is. He does what he does. Andrew on the other hand has some of the best one-liners I have ever heard. He is more the straight man with the dry sense of humor - but he knows EXACTLY when to use his humor. He has understood and used sarcasm since he was two years old (we were so proud!).
OK, back to the microwave from the Montgomery Ward Museum . . . . . so we were sitting in the kitchen and Andrew came running in to grab some trail mix. OK, so he came in to pick through it and get the blue and orange M&Ms . . but that's not the point.
He came running in and stopped - looked up at the microwave and proceeded to say . . . . .

"Is that a microwave? What is this, 1934?"

He is only a little sarcastic. Just a tiny bit. And he inherited it from his father.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Free at last!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know . . . . the blog is a bit stale! We have had a busy week - school started!!!!! YEEE HAW! Andrew started on Tuesday morning and Timmy started Wednesday. I wanted to play Reveille both mornings but I thought that might be a bit over the top. Who was I kidding? Timmy was ready for the bus at 7:55 (the bus comes between 8:30-8:40)! He was REALLY mad that he couldn't go to school on Tuesday. I am sure Andrew would have gladly switched places with him. When the bus FINALLY came on Wednesday, Timmy didn't even say good-bye. Before I could even lift my camera up, he had weaseled his way so he was first on the bus and plopped down in the first seat with the biggest smile EVER. No picture on the bus steps. No hug. No wave. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Not that I was crying - I was trying to find the best spot to try my first backflip ever. But a picture would have been nice - I don't even have one of us with him! I was able to sneak a quick picture before our wonderfully patient bus driver (Mr. Gerry) shut the door - as he was laughing. 
The joke was on Timmy though. I had volunteered to help the kindergartners get off the bus and find their teacher. Ha! He knew I would be there but he thought he could sweet talk me into letting him walk to his teacher alone. Fat chance bubba! He was not a happy camper. I even got an eye roll from him! I told him tough nuggies - I was there and he had to deal with it. It's not that I thought he would get lost or wanted extra time with my baby . . . . I thought it would be fun! (ok, and I knew it would tick him off) Thankfully our neighbor was happy to have me there to help him to his class. I also got to give Sofia and Brooke extra hugs and kisses. Is it sad that the only time I even remotely teared up was when I saw Brooke? I was so proud of her and how awesome she was doing . . . and that beautiful smiling face - I got choked up!!! Then I thought of how many times I could say "Told ya so" to Jill and Bob . . . and laughed! (early in the summer Brooke told us that she outright refused to go to school - so we have all been working on the idea of school . . . I had faith in her!!) Sofia was great, too - but there were never doubts about her being OK in school - she and Timmy will be running the place in about three weeks. The Three Musketeers see each other in lunch so all is right in the world!!
OH!!!! We also just found out that little Miss Brooke has been "visiting" Timmy during the day! I guess that she makes a side trip to Timmy's classroom and waves each time she goes to the bathroom. And, no, her classroom is NOT on the way to the bathroom - it's down a totally separate hall! I love that girl!
As for Andrew . . . . well, let's just say that he is back in class with Nick and Spencer. Wouldn't you think that they would have learned from last year? No, I am not talking about The Three Stooges being together - they are fine. I am talking about putting the parents together! We are far worse than the boys. Far worse. I wonder if we will be allowed to volunteer together this year?!?

I have a few stories waiting to be told . . . . . one about a microwave, one about a clock, one about scotch beer - oh wait . . . that was from Chris the other night. Never mind!

The gang! Andrew, Ty, Timmy, Joey & Danny
(who has to wait a couple of years!)
That is our only picture of Timmy . . . .
see his foot ON the bus? 


Friday, September 3, 2010


So last night we decided to cave and shop for a mattress for the spare bedroom - because you know, we are swamped with overnight guests ALLLLLLL of the time! We can't even begin to tell you how many people are on the waiting list for the Buck Bed & Breakfast. Maybe it's the fine company. No? Hmmm, I bet people heard about Rich's pulled pork & beef (brisket). PG people, PG. No? The beer! That's it! People have heard all about his home brew! The Caribou Slobber has become world famous! Really - no?
You mean that I am imagining all of those people beating down our front door? Huh. Must be my ears ringing from how loud the kids are! No, seriously - I know many of you think that they are quiet little things but they are really demons in disguise! Hard to believe but it's true! (said in my best impersonation of our Irish friend Trevor)

Ok, so we really needed a mattress because that darned kid of Rich's (Timmy) decided he had to outgrow his crib. As you saw in yesterday's blog, he actually scaled it - therefore making the decision for us to HAVE to get him a bed. Dang kid! We have promised many people that they could stay at our house for various upcoming events so we thought it might be a good idea to have something for them to sleep on! We're quick like that. So off we went to Sears because they were having a sale - you know that Labor Day means sleep so of course mattresses are on sale . . . . then again, there is a store near us that claims they are having a "Back to School" sale for mattresses - whatever floats their boats!
Anyway . . . . as Rich and I were looking at different mattresses, we looked over to find Andrew sitting on one - "meditating". Yup, in the middle of Sears. We won't mention to him that he was giving everyone the "OK" sign rather than using the more traditional and well known meditation pose . . . . that's not the point. OK, so it kind of is . . . . it was funny. Only my kid would find SEARS the perfect place to meditate for the first time . . . .

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Bet you didn't know that before Aquaman came to town, we had SuperTimmy! He was the younger version of Aquaman - kind of an Aquaman-in-training idea. His main goal was to free young toddlers and their stuffed animals from the nasty confines of their jails (or, as mean moms and dads call them - cribs)! He was able to scale the side of a crib in mere seconds - without making a sound!!!!!!!!!
No - really, he could. Guess how we found out? When he came down from his nap one day - he has JUST turned two. On his own. With the crib side still up. Trust me - I checked. It was still up and no chairs are near his crib. Andrew hadn't had time to build a staircase, either. He was super quiet about it, too - I hadn't heard ANYTHING. I took him back up and asked him to show me what he did. The little stinker happily climbed back INTO his crib to show me how he climbed OUT of it. I was standing right next to him and still didn't hear anything.
Then he thought it was a game - and he used the opportunity to show Andrew how to do it. I know you will find this hard to believe, but Andrew (even at 3) isn't as light on his feet as Timmy. He had no trouble with the climbing aspect but he wasn't fooling anyone with the fact that he was doing it. I think it registered as a 3.2 on the Richter Scale.
The climbing continued for a couple of weeks (yes, we allowed it - he liked it and well, it was funny) until we changed his crib into the dreaded toddler bed. Which (of course) he feel out of numerous times - but never woke up when he did. That noise sounded like a herd of elephants was jump-roping in Timmy's room. It didn't take long for him to turn his toddler bed into a piece of gymnastics equipment. He only used the toddler bed while Rich's dad made a real bed (queen sized) for him. And we all know what kind of flips he does on his bed now . . . . .  *sigh*

Almost there . . .


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Andrew the artist

Andrew has always loved art. Always. He loved art class in school - I was NOT allowed to pick him up early if it would mean he missed an art class. He had an amazing art teacher in first grade that fostered his love for art even more. He loves to draw and create things - from using Bendaroos to making cards and everything in between. Our house has become a museum. When he draws something, he immediately gets the tape and finds a place on a wall. For about a month Rich and I had a very long train taped on our bedroom wall above our bed. I think he used 5 sheets of paper. (Oh - stock tip!! Paper and tape - invest in them and you will get rich!) We have had skyscrapers taped to our walls, too - and they have been 8 sheets tall! It has gotten so bad that Santa put tape in the boys' stockings last year!

Another thing that Andrew loves is breakfast (brefkist if you are Timmy). If he could, he would eat pancakes and sausage for breakfast, french toast and bacon for lunch, and a HUGE bowl of ceral for dinner. We are working on the concept of bouancy with him right now - we tend to have a Honey Nut Cheerio overflow issue about 3 mornings a week! I know he understand it - he just wants to test his limits and see how many cheerios he can get to stay in the bowl. I think it's a game to him at this point. The dogs love it, too - they stand next to him waiting for the casualties!

One morning Andrew decided to combine two of his loves - art & food. I wonder if Picaso or Michaelangelo started out with various forms of bread and meat when they were little. Did their moms approve? One thing I DO know - their moms didn't take pictures and post them to their blogs!
He has done this a few times since - basically each time we let him have a larger than normal breakfast. Hey - the waffles are whoe grain - does that count for something? And no, this is not a normal breakfast! This may have been a "I'll make breakfast while mom is in the shower" occassion. He can work with smaller amounts, too. One day he made Stonehenge out of his three mini-pancakes and two pieces of sausage. What can I say? He is a master!
Oh - and this is why we will never let him get breakfast in school . . . . I am not even going to think about THAT phone call!

Friday, August 27, 2010

What a corn dog!

The other night at dinner we were talking about how Timmy would be buying his lunch at school. Believe it or not, it's actually cheaper - not to mention easier - for then to buy than for me to pack it. Did I mention that it's easier? They have fairly healthy lunches and we can check on them and what they buy (Andrew hasn't figured it out yet - he thinks we have spies!). Have I mentioned the fact that it's soooooooooo much easier to have them buy?!?! Can ya tell that I am lazy? I am all about ease in the morning - there are days when Andrew was lucky if I remembered his snack and clothes . . . let alone a lunch!
Andrew decided to start listing all of the things that Timmy can get . . . popcorn chicken, pizza, plain peanut butter sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, hot dogs, corn dogs . . . . wait - WHAT? Back the bus up . . . corn dogs? Since when did he start eating corn dogs? Seriously? Corn dogs?
Yup, corn dogs. But wait . . . . . it gets better. The logical assumption that one would make is that someone orders a corn dog because they want to, well, eat a corn dog. He didn't technically eat the corn dog. Nope. My genius of a son specifically ordered a corn dog so he could have a hot dog. But wait, I am sure you are asking about the stick to the roof of your mouth corntastic coating . . . I did! (In the interest of full disclosure - I have never had a corn dog or even the desire to have one)
Instead, Einstein peeled off the corntastic coating. Yup - peeled it like a banana. Just so he could have a hot dog. Some would say it was a great way to think outside the box - wonderful problem solving skills. He would make any parent proud!

I should also mention that PLAIN hot dogs were also being served for lunch that day.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Andrew 1, Mommy 0

A few years ago Andrew and I were having a battle of the wills. He had thrown a toy or something like that so I took the toy away. Imagine that! Man - he was MAD at me!!! The kid was barely 3 years old and he tried to bargain with me. I wasn't caving. He then told me that it wasn't fair - that I just can't take things of his. I reminded him that I could - I am the mommy and paid for it so if he does something inappropriate with the toy, I can take it away. That is when I made my mistake.
I mistakingly said that it's mommy and daddy's house so I could take anything I wanted. He was quiet for about .79 seconds. I smirked to myself - I thought I won. Silly me.

Around my boys, you can't make mistakes. You need to bring your A game EVERY SINGLE day. They sniff out mistakes. When they smell one, they go in for the kill. That one fateful day, Andrew went for the kill.
He looked at me - with his chubby little cheeks and the sweetest face EVER and matter of factly told me that I can't take ANYTHING.
"You can't take the ceiling fans - they are bolted in . . . . you can't take the roof, you can't take the windows . . . . "
I had to leave the kitchen. I grabbed the phone and called my mom to let her know that if she really loved her grandson, she needed to come and get him. I was laughing hysterically the whole time . . . . .

And it's only gotten worse!

The face of an angel & the attitude of his mother!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Jello project

A couple of months ago Sofia was over and I made lunch for her and Timmy. I don't think that Chris and Jennifer ever feed her - she is ALWAYS eating at my house . . . . poor little neglected baby!

Anyway, they wanted Jello as part of their lunch. Perfect - I actually had Jello! I got out two little Jello snack cups and straws. Yes, straws. You see, Timmy and Sofia don't do anything the normal (or easy) way - ever. Why bother to use a spoon for something like yogurt or Jello - especially when using a straw is WAY more fun and makes really cool fart noises. This is one of things that I just go with - it isn't worth the argument and it's pretty funny to hear them talk about it. Plus, I can't wait for the call from our kindergarten principal when she tries to figure out a nice way to tell me that my kid is a slurping his food.
Back to the Jello . . . . as they are slurping up the Jello, they start to discuss the chemistry and physics of it. Why it jiggles, why it's springy, why you can see through it even though it's red, why it's kind of slimy . . . . They then started to suck Jello partway through the straw and blow it onto their plates. They were trying to make cool designs. I know - this is making you crave Jello, isn't it?
So then Timmy starts trying to make different noises by moving his straw to different parts of the snack cup. If you are like me, you are amazed that they have any left - I swear they were magic refilling cups! He was cracking himself - and of course Sofia - up by making as many different fart noises as he could. I was laughing, too - the maturity level in our house is astounding!
All of a sudden, Sofia got mad . . . . . guess why?

Yup, (arms crossed and firm head bobs) "I can't make fart noises in my Jello like Timmy can!"

Bill Cosby has a secure job as the Jello spokesperson!

I know that this video has nothing to do with Jello - but it's REALLY REALLY cute and I need to prove that Timmy and Sofia aren't always a pain in the butt . . . . .

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hmmmm, how to talk about this post . . . . . hmmmmm . . . . well, it all started when we asked the boys to clean up their Legos. Our coffee table has become Lego City - and while I normally don't care, I thought it might be nice to have it cleaned up for our party on Saturday. Oh - I didn't want it cleaned up because I care what our friends think - I wanted it cleaned up because I didn't want to hear the boys whine that their city was messed up. Them whine? Really? I know, it's crazy talk!
They got out the trusty HUGE Rubbermaid container that has been the "Keeper of the City" in the past. Well this time, it almost became the "Keeper of the Timmy". As I was cleaning up, I noticed that the boys were playing IN the container . . . it was funny - no big deal. Well, a bit later I noticed that Andrew had gone upstairs. Then I heard it . . . a muffled, "Andrew?"

Then I noticed the container moving. Yup, Timmy was in it. But that is not the whole story. He wasn't just IN the box - he was LOCKED in the box. Andrew told Timmy to get in - and the silly boy did. Andrew then put the top on, folded the locks up, and walked away like nothing in the world was wrong. (well, in his mind, things were PERFECT at that point!)
It was pretty funny - as evidenced by the fact that I got some video. As Chris pointed out, I was nice enough to take a 30 second video before freeing my sweet little child from his home containment system. Come on - you would have done the same thing . . . . .
Oh - and Andrew, I totally get why you did it . . . . I have had those kind of days, too!

Monday, August 23, 2010

London 2012 Olympics . . . here we come!

The other night we were doing the normal bedtime routine - but this time it didn't involve inflicting bodily harm on each other. That is a win for us right there! This time, it involved possible bodily harm to themselves. I mentioned that we were painting Andrew's room - so he has been sleeping in Timmy's room. Fun times.They (of course) love it . . . . I am wondering if they sleep at all. Based on the grump factor increasing tenfold, I am guessing that sleep is not something they are focusing on.
So, you might wonder, what ARE they doing? Talking? Reading? Playing the DS?
You silly, silly people! You should know by now that those activities are WAYYYYY too boring my my gentle little angelic boys! (whoa - was that lightning coming at our house?!?!) Nah, instead of doing something quiet, they were practicing their routines for the London 2012 Olympic games! Bet you didn't know that the Olympic Committee has approved a couple of new sports - my boys must have a bat phone connection with the IOC - they got the scoop way before anyone else . . . I wondered what that red phone in Timmy's closet was!

Timmy is excited about the Bed Gymnastics! (the PG version, people!)  Timmy had been working on a routine that involved him doing a front flip from his bed to Andrew's mattress and then a flip back up to his bed (I think that the level of difficulty is much harder - remember, they are overachievers!). He had that mastered in 2.5 seconds so now he is working on a cartwheel on his bed into a front flip down to Andrew's mattress - and then back up. Sadly, I am so NOT kidding.  
Andrew is working on routines for his new Olympic sport - competitive cannonballs. He tried gymnastics but picture a linebacker doing gymnastics . . . . not pretty. He is trying many different things - the Indian Style (is that PC?), the Butt Fall . . . he quickly realized that bellyflops are NOT the way to go. And some of you won't be surprised that he is calculating the water displacement and the angle he has to jump for the highest splash. You watch, they will be teaching that in school soon! It'll be the Buck Displacement Theory (not to be confused with the hip displacement that Chris got when diving in Jamestown).
I think that they are both good contenders for the gold. . . . . that is unless we have a trip to the ER first. I would think it would be hard to come back from an injury in these sports . . . .

Friday, August 20, 2010

R.I.P. Kermit

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the marr. . .

Wait . . . . wrong paper . . . *shuffle, shuffle, shuffle* . . . . . sorry!

Friends, today we are remembering a frog. But not just any frog. He was the BEST frog. We are gathered here to remember a good friend to us all - Kermit. We grew up with him, he made us laugh, and taught us many life lessons - I mean, really, who else has such a diverse group of friends? More importantly, who else can fall in love with a pig and not think bacon?
Kermit taught us not to be afraid of life - he left his home and 3,200 siblings to make it in Hollywood (and he did it naked!). He taught us patience and had a calming demeanor. Well, aside from when Fozzie tried to take over the Muppet Show - but can you blame poor Kermit? He was my first memory of a newsreporter. He survived the dealings with Crazy Harry, was able to fend off Doc Hopper, got to sing with Andy Williams, had Steve Martin as a waiter (wonder if they played the banjo together), build a house with Ty Pennington AND was on American Idol, and even dealt (usually) calmly with Gonzo. Another thing - do you know any other left-handed banjo playing frogs? So after being able to deal with all that he did, you are probably wondering what happened to our favorite frog . . . . .

Well, sadly, the Buck boys were involved. (shocker, I know) Kermie was at our house finishing up his community service (it had to do with a messy incident between Kermit and Miss Piggy - he had finally had enough and used the word bacon. Piggy went nuts and the police were called). Anyway, Kermie and the boys were in Andrew's room chatting. They LOVE the Muppet Show and Timmy was talking about when Harry Balls was on. They then started talking about the episode with Elton John and the funny glasses . . which then lead to talking about the show with Luke Skywalker and Angus McGonagle, the Argyle Gargoyle, gargles Gershwin gorgeously. I know that doesn't sound bad but unfortunately it all took place in 30 seconds. Kermit's head started to spin and he was able to recover - until Timmy asked Kermit if he liked cookies & cream ice cream. Kermit said yes and then Timmy started to explain how they make it and why it's cream in the ice cream when it starts out but then they shake it but it's still cream and add ice and then they freeze it and then they add cookies so it's really cream and but they then make it ice cream - it still has cream so they. . . . . and that is when it happened. Kermit couldn't take it anymore. He croaked.

So now Kermit is moving' right along to his own big lily pad in the sky - reunited with Jim. And for them both, we know that something better came along.
We will miss him but we will never forget him. I think our next vacation will be to Leland, Mississippi - the birthplace of dear Kermit. I wonder if there is a shrine? I wonder if we will be allowed to enter the town? Hopefully they don't read this blog!

And Kermit, if you can hear me, I do want to know one thing - does God really look like Whoppi Goldberg?

“Time's fun when you're having flies.”
Kermit The Frog
May 9, 1955-August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenn!!!!!

Jenn is another person that has become one of my closest friends . . . like a younger sister! (Sorry - I couldn't resist) When she and Tom moved in, it didn't take long to realize that we would all become good friends. She is funny, kind, and would do anything for you - I have never hesitated to call her if we needed help with anything. We were honored to be invited to their wedding and I was lucky enough to be there when Jenn, her sister, and the girls got ready. There aren't many people I would be willing to do that with - I would feel in the way or uncomfortable. Not with Jenn. I felt like part of the family and it has only gotten better! I think that there is a path in the street worn down between our houses.
She has become my lifting partner and I can't thank her enough for giving me the extra push at 6:00 in the morning . . . . we help each other stay awake and "motivated". Thanks - even though I curse you out each leg day!                             

I hope you have a wonderful day - you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS - Is that a snake behind you?
Snake? What snake? I just felt like going for a run . . . yes, in flip flops!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Classic Timmy

Timmy is a book of quotes - the king of one-liners. We call them Timmyisms and life wouldn't be the same without them (it would be much more normal though . . . . but normal is over-rated). It might surprise some of you to learn that Timmy basically came out of the womb talking. No, really - he did. Ask the doctor! When he was born he actually said, "Heeeeeeeeeeeerrrreee'sssssssssssssss TIMMY!". Honest!
This spring he did something that only Timmy would do (sadly, I can't remember what) and I asked him why . . . his response? "Because I'm TIMMMMMMYYYYY!!!!"

So back to classic Timmy . . . . here are just a few of his finer one-liners:
I am upspidedown!!! (he could live upside down . . . . I swear he is a bat!)
I can do it my by self! (stomping off - he is so like his father . . .*whistling* while I walk quietly away)
Duck . . . Duck . . . . OOOSE!
Did you see that michaelcycle?

Here is one of my favorites! We tried for MONTHS to teach him to say Andrew - and it usually went like this:
Say "AND"
Say "DREW"

On a side note - I think our spell check is going to self-destruct from writing this blog!

Now, if you need me, I will be mourning Kermit The Frog . . . . . his memorial service will be tomorrow's blog.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Riddle me this

So last night I was dutifully painting away in Andrew's room - minding my own business and trying to explain why mommy doesn't need help. The boys finally got the idea and left me alone (I am sure it had nothing to do with me shoving them out, closing the door, and locking it).
A little while later Timmy came back upstairs with his mp3 player and earbuds. He was happily singing away . . . sadly it was a Kidzbop Christmas song. The next song that came on was "Eye of the Tiger". It's one of his favorite songs and loves to sing along and play it on Guitar Hero. He chilled out in his room for a few minutes and then came RUNNING to Andrew's room . . . . .
"MOMMY!!!!!!!!! Guess what!?!? They are singing eye of the TIGER! Not eye of the TIRED!"
The night would have been fine if he had just left me with that Timmyism . . . . but he is an overachiever! 
Just before bedtime, the boys were playing pirates in Timmy's room. I was still painting away (I know you are jealous). Andrew left for a minute so Timmy used that opportunity to visit with me. I know, I am such a lucky mommy. He came in with an eye patch and said, "Argh my words!"
I said, "Do you mean MARK my words?"
Timmy: "OH!!!!!! That's what they say?"
*banging head on wall*

Oh - and as a little bonus . . . . . see the flower/sun thingy on his shirt? How could you miss it!?! Anyway, he made it at Vacation Bible School and so his name is on it. I asked him why he was wearing it.

Wait for it . . . .

"In case I forget my name!"