Welcome to my blog. It has become therapy for me and I hope you laugh and cry when reading it. Why cry? Because that is what I want to do on a daily basis because I am either laughing hysterically or becuase I don't know what else to do and murder is still illegal! Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Andrew the artist

Andrew has always loved art. Always. He loved art class in school - I was NOT allowed to pick him up early if it would mean he missed an art class. He had an amazing art teacher in first grade that fostered his love for art even more. He loves to draw and create things - from using Bendaroos to making cards and everything in between. Our house has become a museum. When he draws something, he immediately gets the tape and finds a place on a wall. For about a month Rich and I had a very long train taped on our bedroom wall above our bed. I think he used 5 sheets of paper. (Oh - stock tip!! Paper and tape - invest in them and you will get rich!) We have had skyscrapers taped to our walls, too - and they have been 8 sheets tall! It has gotten so bad that Santa put tape in the boys' stockings last year!

Another thing that Andrew loves is breakfast (brefkist if you are Timmy). If he could, he would eat pancakes and sausage for breakfast, french toast and bacon for lunch, and a HUGE bowl of ceral for dinner. We are working on the concept of bouancy with him right now - we tend to have a Honey Nut Cheerio overflow issue about 3 mornings a week! I know he understand it - he just wants to test his limits and see how many cheerios he can get to stay in the bowl. I think it's a game to him at this point. The dogs love it, too - they stand next to him waiting for the casualties!

One morning Andrew decided to combine two of his loves - art & food. I wonder if Picaso or Michaelangelo started out with various forms of bread and meat when they were little. Did their moms approve? One thing I DO know - their moms didn't take pictures and post them to their blogs!
He has done this a few times since - basically each time we let him have a larger than normal breakfast. Hey - the waffles are whoe grain - does that count for something? And no, this is not a normal breakfast! This may have been a "I'll make breakfast while mom is in the shower" occassion. He can work with smaller amounts, too. One day he made Stonehenge out of his three mini-pancakes and two pieces of sausage. What can I say? He is a master!
Oh - and this is why we will never let him get breakfast in school . . . . I am not even going to think about THAT phone call!

Friday, August 27, 2010

What a corn dog!

The other night at dinner we were talking about how Timmy would be buying his lunch at school. Believe it or not, it's actually cheaper - not to mention easier - for then to buy than for me to pack it. Did I mention that it's easier? They have fairly healthy lunches and we can check on them and what they buy (Andrew hasn't figured it out yet - he thinks we have spies!). Have I mentioned the fact that it's soooooooooo much easier to have them buy?!?! Can ya tell that I am lazy? I am all about ease in the morning - there are days when Andrew was lucky if I remembered his snack and clothes . . . let alone a lunch!
Andrew decided to start listing all of the things that Timmy can get . . . popcorn chicken, pizza, plain peanut butter sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, hot dogs, corn dogs . . . . wait - WHAT? Back the bus up . . . corn dogs? Since when did he start eating corn dogs? Seriously? Corn dogs?
Yup, corn dogs. But wait . . . . . it gets better. The logical assumption that one would make is that someone orders a corn dog because they want to, well, eat a corn dog. He didn't technically eat the corn dog. Nope. My genius of a son specifically ordered a corn dog so he could have a hot dog. But wait, I am sure you are asking about the stick to the roof of your mouth corntastic coating . . . I did! (In the interest of full disclosure - I have never had a corn dog or even the desire to have one)
Instead, Einstein peeled off the corntastic coating. Yup - peeled it like a banana. Just so he could have a hot dog. Some would say it was a great way to think outside the box - wonderful problem solving skills. He would make any parent proud!

I should also mention that PLAIN hot dogs were also being served for lunch that day.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Andrew 1, Mommy 0

A few years ago Andrew and I were having a battle of the wills. He had thrown a toy or something like that so I took the toy away. Imagine that! Man - he was MAD at me!!! The kid was barely 3 years old and he tried to bargain with me. I wasn't caving. He then told me that it wasn't fair - that I just can't take things of his. I reminded him that I could - I am the mommy and paid for it so if he does something inappropriate with the toy, I can take it away. That is when I made my mistake.
I mistakingly said that it's mommy and daddy's house so I could take anything I wanted. He was quiet for about .79 seconds. I smirked to myself - I thought I won. Silly me.

Around my boys, you can't make mistakes. You need to bring your A game EVERY SINGLE day. They sniff out mistakes. When they smell one, they go in for the kill. That one fateful day, Andrew went for the kill.
He looked at me - with his chubby little cheeks and the sweetest face EVER and matter of factly told me that I can't take ANYTHING.
"You can't take the ceiling fans - they are bolted in . . . . you can't take the roof, you can't take the windows . . . . "
I had to leave the kitchen. I grabbed the phone and called my mom to let her know that if she really loved her grandson, she needed to come and get him. I was laughing hysterically the whole time . . . . .

And it's only gotten worse!

The face of an angel & the attitude of his mother!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Jello project

A couple of months ago Sofia was over and I made lunch for her and Timmy. I don't think that Chris and Jennifer ever feed her - she is ALWAYS eating at my house . . . . poor little neglected baby!

Anyway, they wanted Jello as part of their lunch. Perfect - I actually had Jello! I got out two little Jello snack cups and straws. Yes, straws. You see, Timmy and Sofia don't do anything the normal (or easy) way - ever. Why bother to use a spoon for something like yogurt or Jello - especially when using a straw is WAY more fun and makes really cool fart noises. This is one of things that I just go with - it isn't worth the argument and it's pretty funny to hear them talk about it. Plus, I can't wait for the call from our kindergarten principal when she tries to figure out a nice way to tell me that my kid is a slurping his food.
Back to the Jello . . . . as they are slurping up the Jello, they start to discuss the chemistry and physics of it. Why it jiggles, why it's springy, why you can see through it even though it's red, why it's kind of slimy . . . . They then started to suck Jello partway through the straw and blow it onto their plates. They were trying to make cool designs. I know - this is making you crave Jello, isn't it?
So then Timmy starts trying to make different noises by moving his straw to different parts of the snack cup. If you are like me, you are amazed that they have any left - I swear they were magic refilling cups! He was cracking himself - and of course Sofia - up by making as many different fart noises as he could. I was laughing, too - the maturity level in our house is astounding!
All of a sudden, Sofia got mad . . . . . guess why?

Yup, (arms crossed and firm head bobs) "I can't make fart noises in my Jello like Timmy can!"

Bill Cosby has a secure job as the Jello spokesperson!

I know that this video has nothing to do with Jello - but it's REALLY REALLY cute and I need to prove that Timmy and Sofia aren't always a pain in the butt . . . . .

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hmmmm, how to talk about this post . . . . . hmmmmm . . . . well, it all started when we asked the boys to clean up their Legos. Our coffee table has become Lego City - and while I normally don't care, I thought it might be nice to have it cleaned up for our party on Saturday. Oh - I didn't want it cleaned up because I care what our friends think - I wanted it cleaned up because I didn't want to hear the boys whine that their city was messed up. Them whine? Really? I know, it's crazy talk!
They got out the trusty HUGE Rubbermaid container that has been the "Keeper of the City" in the past. Well this time, it almost became the "Keeper of the Timmy". As I was cleaning up, I noticed that the boys were playing IN the container . . . it was funny - no big deal. Well, a bit later I noticed that Andrew had gone upstairs. Then I heard it . . . a muffled, "Andrew?"

Then I noticed the container moving. Yup, Timmy was in it. But that is not the whole story. He wasn't just IN the box - he was LOCKED in the box. Andrew told Timmy to get in - and the silly boy did. Andrew then put the top on, folded the locks up, and walked away like nothing in the world was wrong. (well, in his mind, things were PERFECT at that point!)
It was pretty funny - as evidenced by the fact that I got some video. As Chris pointed out, I was nice enough to take a 30 second video before freeing my sweet little child from his home containment system. Come on - you would have done the same thing . . . . .
Oh - and Andrew, I totally get why you did it . . . . I have had those kind of days, too!

Monday, August 23, 2010

London 2012 Olympics . . . here we come!

The other night we were doing the normal bedtime routine - but this time it didn't involve inflicting bodily harm on each other. That is a win for us right there! This time, it involved possible bodily harm to themselves. I mentioned that we were painting Andrew's room - so he has been sleeping in Timmy's room. Fun times.They (of course) love it . . . . I am wondering if they sleep at all. Based on the grump factor increasing tenfold, I am guessing that sleep is not something they are focusing on.
So, you might wonder, what ARE they doing? Talking? Reading? Playing the DS?
You silly, silly people! You should know by now that those activities are WAYYYYY too boring my my gentle little angelic boys! (whoa - was that lightning coming at our house?!?!) Nah, instead of doing something quiet, they were practicing their routines for the London 2012 Olympic games! Bet you didn't know that the Olympic Committee has approved a couple of new sports - my boys must have a bat phone connection with the IOC - they got the scoop way before anyone else . . . I wondered what that red phone in Timmy's closet was!

Timmy is excited about the Bed Gymnastics! (the PG version, people!)  Timmy had been working on a routine that involved him doing a front flip from his bed to Andrew's mattress and then a flip back up to his bed (I think that the level of difficulty is much harder - remember, they are overachievers!). He had that mastered in 2.5 seconds so now he is working on a cartwheel on his bed into a front flip down to Andrew's mattress - and then back up. Sadly, I am so NOT kidding.  
Andrew is working on routines for his new Olympic sport - competitive cannonballs. He tried gymnastics but picture a linebacker doing gymnastics . . . . not pretty. He is trying many different things - the Indian Style (is that PC?), the Butt Fall . . . he quickly realized that bellyflops are NOT the way to go. And some of you won't be surprised that he is calculating the water displacement and the angle he has to jump for the highest splash. You watch, they will be teaching that in school soon! It'll be the Buck Displacement Theory (not to be confused with the hip displacement that Chris got when diving in Jamestown).
I think that they are both good contenders for the gold. . . . . that is unless we have a trip to the ER first. I would think it would be hard to come back from an injury in these sports . . . .

Friday, August 20, 2010

R.I.P. Kermit

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the marr. . .

Wait . . . . wrong paper . . . *shuffle, shuffle, shuffle* . . . . . sorry!

Friends, today we are remembering a frog. But not just any frog. He was the BEST frog. We are gathered here to remember a good friend to us all - Kermit. We grew up with him, he made us laugh, and taught us many life lessons - I mean, really, who else has such a diverse group of friends? More importantly, who else can fall in love with a pig and not think bacon?
Kermit taught us not to be afraid of life - he left his home and 3,200 siblings to make it in Hollywood (and he did it naked!). He taught us patience and had a calming demeanor. Well, aside from when Fozzie tried to take over the Muppet Show - but can you blame poor Kermit? He was my first memory of a newsreporter. He survived the dealings with Crazy Harry, was able to fend off Doc Hopper, got to sing with Andy Williams, had Steve Martin as a waiter (wonder if they played the banjo together), build a house with Ty Pennington AND was on American Idol, and even dealt (usually) calmly with Gonzo. Another thing - do you know any other left-handed banjo playing frogs? So after being able to deal with all that he did, you are probably wondering what happened to our favorite frog . . . . .

Well, sadly, the Buck boys were involved. (shocker, I know) Kermie was at our house finishing up his community service (it had to do with a messy incident between Kermit and Miss Piggy - he had finally had enough and used the word bacon. Piggy went nuts and the police were called). Anyway, Kermie and the boys were in Andrew's room chatting. They LOVE the Muppet Show and Timmy was talking about when Harry Balls was on. They then started talking about the episode with Elton John and the funny glasses . . which then lead to talking about the show with Luke Skywalker and Angus McGonagle, the Argyle Gargoyle, gargles Gershwin gorgeously. I know that doesn't sound bad but unfortunately it all took place in 30 seconds. Kermit's head started to spin and he was able to recover - until Timmy asked Kermit if he liked cookies & cream ice cream. Kermit said yes and then Timmy started to explain how they make it and why it's cream in the ice cream when it starts out but then they shake it but it's still cream and add ice and then they freeze it and then they add cookies so it's really cream and but they then make it ice cream - it still has cream so they. . . . . and that is when it happened. Kermit couldn't take it anymore. He croaked.

So now Kermit is moving' right along to his own big lily pad in the sky - reunited with Jim. And for them both, we know that something better came along.
We will miss him but we will never forget him. I think our next vacation will be to Leland, Mississippi - the birthplace of dear Kermit. I wonder if there is a shrine? I wonder if we will be allowed to enter the town? Hopefully they don't read this blog!

And Kermit, if you can hear me, I do want to know one thing - does God really look like Whoppi Goldberg?

“Time's fun when you're having flies.”
Kermit The Frog
May 9, 1955-August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenn!!!!!

Jenn is another person that has become one of my closest friends . . . like a younger sister! (Sorry - I couldn't resist) When she and Tom moved in, it didn't take long to realize that we would all become good friends. She is funny, kind, and would do anything for you - I have never hesitated to call her if we needed help with anything. We were honored to be invited to their wedding and I was lucky enough to be there when Jenn, her sister, and the girls got ready. There aren't many people I would be willing to do that with - I would feel in the way or uncomfortable. Not with Jenn. I felt like part of the family and it has only gotten better! I think that there is a path in the street worn down between our houses.
She has become my lifting partner and I can't thank her enough for giving me the extra push at 6:00 in the morning . . . . we help each other stay awake and "motivated". Thanks - even though I curse you out each leg day!                             

I hope you have a wonderful day - you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS - Is that a snake behind you?
Snake? What snake? I just felt like going for a run . . . yes, in flip flops!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Classic Timmy

Timmy is a book of quotes - the king of one-liners. We call them Timmyisms and life wouldn't be the same without them (it would be much more normal though . . . . but normal is over-rated). It might surprise some of you to learn that Timmy basically came out of the womb talking. No, really - he did. Ask the doctor! When he was born he actually said, "Heeeeeeeeeeeerrrreee'sssssssssssssss TIMMY!". Honest!
This spring he did something that only Timmy would do (sadly, I can't remember what) and I asked him why . . . his response? "Because I'm TIMMMMMMYYYYY!!!!"

So back to classic Timmy . . . . here are just a few of his finer one-liners:
I am upspidedown!!! (he could live upside down . . . . I swear he is a bat!)
I can do it my by self! (stomping off - he is so like his father . . .*whistling* while I walk quietly away)
Duck . . . Duck . . . . OOOSE!
Did you see that michaelcycle?

Here is one of my favorites! We tried for MONTHS to teach him to say Andrew - and it usually went like this:
Say "AND"
Say "DREW"

On a side note - I think our spell check is going to self-destruct from writing this blog!

Now, if you need me, I will be mourning Kermit The Frog . . . . . his memorial service will be tomorrow's blog.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Riddle me this

So last night I was dutifully painting away in Andrew's room - minding my own business and trying to explain why mommy doesn't need help. The boys finally got the idea and left me alone (I am sure it had nothing to do with me shoving them out, closing the door, and locking it).
A little while later Timmy came back upstairs with his mp3 player and earbuds. He was happily singing away . . . sadly it was a Kidzbop Christmas song. The next song that came on was "Eye of the Tiger". It's one of his favorite songs and loves to sing along and play it on Guitar Hero. He chilled out in his room for a few minutes and then came RUNNING to Andrew's room . . . . .
"MOMMY!!!!!!!!! Guess what!?!? They are singing eye of the TIGER! Not eye of the TIRED!"
The night would have been fine if he had just left me with that Timmyism . . . . but he is an overachiever! 
Just before bedtime, the boys were playing pirates in Timmy's room. I was still painting away (I know you are jealous). Andrew left for a minute so Timmy used that opportunity to visit with me. I know, I am such a lucky mommy. He came in with an eye patch and said, "Argh my words!"
I said, "Do you mean MARK my words?"
Timmy: "OH!!!!!! That's what they say?"
*banging head on wall*

Oh - and as a little bonus . . . . . see the flower/sun thingy on his shirt? How could you miss it!?! Anyway, he made it at Vacation Bible School and so his name is on it. I asked him why he was wearing it.

Wait for it . . . .

"In case I forget my name!"



Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The good ol' swimming hole!

Remember the good old days? When kids were kids . . . playing outside . . . climbing trees  . . . riding bikes  . . . before pools? Wait! WHAT?? Before pools?!?! No way! What did they do????
Well.................they swam in swimming holes! Wait - maybe that just happened if you lived in the middle of Kennedy. I think other people had pools - and paved roads. He he he! Why on earth were we in Kennedy? And WHERE is Kennedy? Kennedy is just outside of the thriving metropolis of Jamestown. Which is very close to the even more exciting city of Olean. Still lost? South western New York . . . . yes, there is electricity out there. 
We went there for Spencer's birthday party - Bob's parents still live there and were gracious enough to have us for the night. We all camped out in the backyard and had a blast! The kids spent almost the entire time in the pool. When they weren't in the pool, they were either eating, on a treasure hunt, walking to the swimming hole, or sleeping. Oh - the treasure hunt?? Take a wild guess what the treasure was . . . . candy! LOTS of candy! Woo hooo - nothing is better than 10 kids hopped up on sugar! I am going to quote Sofia, "Sugar day is glorious!".                    
So about this swimming hole . . . . Bob and his brothers did actually swim there before they got a pool. We walked down to it so the kids could catch crayfish and "tagpoles". It started out fine - no problems or incidents. You have to know by now that didn't last long! Bob took the kids into the drainage pipe so we could get a picture. Nothing too exciting - until we noticed a pink flip flop floating away. It was Sofia's . . . shocker. Bob saved it! I think it was at that point that Bob's brother, Reid, went to catch his daughter (she was slipping) but ended up falling on his butt and getting some lovely bruises. The good news? His BRAND NEW AWESOME camera was safe! Oh - cute Sara was safe, too. 
Then Brooke (who was fully clothed) and Kenzie decided to try and get some tadpoles in the deeper water. I must confess - I pointed them out to the girls. They loved it!! Brooke had her skirt hiked up so far it was on her shoulders! Bob then told Kenzie that if she tested how deep the water is, he would jump in. Like Kenzie needed a reason . . . in she went! Bob followed through on his promise and jumped in from the pipe!! Once he was in, they all went in. Brooke and Sofia were fully clothed but that didn't stop them. At first they complained it was cold - Bob guessed the water was in the low-mid 70s. Wimps. We gently reminded them that when we went camping, the lake water was a balmy 63ish degrees. THAT is cold.

Then on the walk back, we looked at one of those purple things that are on the ash trees - it had fallen and was on the side of the road. There was a snake under it. I don't think I have ever seen Jenn run so fast in my life. In fact, I think she is still running. Run Jenn, RUN!!!!!!!!
It was a great day and night - the kids were all fantastic!!! Thanks again to Janet and Reid for having us . . .  we'll be back!
(That is a promise and a threat!)

I have added a slide show of pictures from the day . . . .
along with these few gems!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The goodnight kiss

I just wanted to give a little insight into what we go through on a nightly basis . . . . .
Andrew wants to give Timmy a kiss goodnight. Timmy doesn't want one. Timmy wants to do booyah. Andrew doesn't. This little conundrum will typically result in Andrew trying to bribe us to hold Timmy down while Timmy runs around his room screaming to avoid being held down AND kissed. I should also mention that the dogs usually get in on the action. Abbie tries to sleep in the middle of the floor and Riley thinks it's playtime. Gotta love family time! 
This particular night, Timmy was nice and comfy in bed when Andrew decided to strike. I must point out that Timmy's room is not how it normally is - I just finished painting it and will start Andrew's room next week . . . and Andrew will be sleeping in Timmy's room. Ok - so anyway, Andrew thought he had Timmy trapped. You can't trap Timmy! Why??? Because  . . . .HHHHeeeeeeeeeeeeee'sssss TIMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!!!! (it's that whole superhero thing again) And also because he is faster and more nimble than Andrew - but that isn't as much fun as saying "HHHeeeeee'ssss TIMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!". Timmy literally scooted under his bed to escape. That is when I called Rich to come up.
Enjoy the entertainment!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Never fear!!! AQUAMAN is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Da Da DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Citizens of our planet, you can sleep well tonight - Aquaman is on the watch! Aquaman travels the planet with trusty goggles always ready because you never know when someone is going to throw a water balloon at you - or worse yet . . . . . use the dreaded kitchen sprayer on you!!!!!!!!!!!! Just the thought of it makes me shiver. Thankfully I am lucky enough to have given birth to Aquaman and his trusty (yet slightly shyer) cohort - Aquadude. I almost got a picture of Aquadude last night as he was getting ready for bed - he must have sensed danger because his goggles were actually in the ready position - over his eyes! The trip up to bed can be a scary one - the dogs have been sneezing a lot lately so those goggles are really needed. Aquadude must be going through an Amish phase because he saw me coming with my phone and RAN! (which is a big thing for Aquadude!)
I don't talk about being Aqua Duo's mom . . . . . would you? I mean really, think about it. Girls would constantly be camped out on your lawn waiting to catch a glimpse of the famous crime fighting team. The paparazzi would be EVERYWHERE. Our neighbors would hate us! The town would hate us -the electricity bill would be huge from those annoying spot lights needed to send the Aquasignal. Family would only come around when they needed something . . . . . friends wouldn't want to hang out because you are always worried - not to mention the high level background check needed to be part of our inner-circle. We won't even mention the full body search needed to enter our house (although some of you would like that).
So . . . . . . now you know our little secret and you can understand why I have never mentioned this before!
It's tough being the mom to a water loving and crime fighting duo!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Geography 101

I pride myself on the fact that our kids are well travelled. They are great on trips and enjoy learning about new places and cultures. They also ask a lot of questions. A lot. I know, what kid doesn't . . . . but mine seem to ask more than the average kid - especially in the car on our trips. On one hand I love it - on the other hand, sometimes I just want peace and quiet.
Case in point - this past Easter we were driving home from Florida. We had gotten up early that morning so we would be home at a decent time. As a side note - if you ever have to drive through DC, Easter Sunday at 6:00 am is the BEST time to do it - so try and arrange y our schedule around that. Back to the point . . . . Timmy asked me what would happen if our car caught on fire (a lovely thought, I might add *rolling eyes*). I told him our insurance would help us and we would get a new car. Well, that lead into a HUGE discussion about car and house insurance. Seriously. At 6:00 am on Easter Sunday as we drove through DC. Why don't they do this stuff when Rich is in the car with me?
I know - that had nothing to do with geography . . . . it was just a funny story about the constant (and odd) questions). So........ on one of our many road trips a couple of years ago, Andrew started asking about different places. Here is the best part of the conversation:

A: Mommy? Do we live on the Earth?
Me: Yup - well, except for Uncle Timmy but that is a different conversation.
A: Do people live on the moon?
Me: Nope
A: The sun?
Me: Nope!
A: Other planets?
Me: Nope!
A: Then where do people from Pennsylvania live?


Laughter. Lots of it. My in-laws were born and raised in PA. More laughter.
Sadly, I couldn't come up with an answer without insulting people from PA. And yes, he now knows that Pennsylvania is a state. Funny part - he HATES Pennsylvania  . . . . . no idea where he got that feeling. Nope - no idea. . . . . I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that we complain about driving through it all of the time. I think that once we are out of PA when we drive to Florida, we are more than halfway there! I swear - it's the never ending state!
**If anyone from Pennsylvania was insulted, I am very sorry - it is all Andrew's fault!**

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So, by now you have realized that I have . . . . . unique children. I know every child is special - but mine are unique! Unique is better than special. Unique means . . . . ok, never mind - I can't come up with anything. Stop laughing - let me see my own crazy world through my own unique rose colored glasses - but they are really blue since I don't like pink (right, Jessie!?!). It's either the rose colored glasses or a padded room - we priced it out and the glasses are cheaper (especially when parking for visitation is factored in).
Anyway . . . . . we went to the new park yesterday - who would have thought that one park in Victor would have given SO many stories? The boys and I went yesterday and word must have gotten out - the only people that we there when we arrived left right away. I would have left, too. The boys had the WHOLE park to themselves - which meant they got to argue even more about being in each other's way. Fun times!
This park has some exercise equipment - remember Andrew trying to make his legs grow wider? Now here comes some technical talk so try and keep up . . . . It also has those black things with the funny non-skid tops that look like you should sit and relax for a minute but really you are supposed to jump around on them. (and for those old enough, I hope you have the House Of Pain song in YOUR head, too. You are welcome.)
Timmy was hopping all over them (gazelle like) and trying to make patterns in his mind. He wouldn't stop . . .
So I asked what he was doing. I am so lucky that cell phones have advanced - so it's easier to get proof of my unique children.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Peace out!

I think I mentioned before that Timmy is taking drum lessons . . . yes, we are insane - but you either already knew that or are learning that now. The kid will drum ANYTHING - the table, stairs, cups, his chest . . . even his brother's head. Unlike my lovely father, he is actually pretty good and can follow a beat.
For his birthday I decided to get him some sticks and a practice pad (trying to discourage the drumming on the head!) and Chris has given him some lessons. He LOVES it. He is a great suck up, too - he will tell people that Chris is his favorite drummer and Phil Collins is his next favorite. He did that at Guitar Center and the poor kid working there was clueless - he was trying to figure out a famous drummer named Chris! I had to explain and he didn't seem as entertained as I was. Yup, he is smooth!
So, here is one of the many videos that we have of him drumming - it's from the same night that Andrew "had a mosquito" on his head . . . . .

Now we have to convince the boys that Derek Trucks doesn't give private guitar lessons . . . . . all while teaching them how to play the theme to Star Wars on the piano. It can get pretty loud in our house!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy (belated) Birthday Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I feel bad - I am a day late!!! To be fair, I did see Jennifer yesterday and wished her a happy birthday . . . I just didn't get a chance to get on here. We have been busy painting and painting and painting . . . .

Jennifer has become one of my best friends - she is patient (well, duh - she is married to Chris), level-headed, logical, patient, kind, willing to do anything for you, did I say patient? She is also an amazing PT - and always willing to answer questions . . . .
She is also patient. Very patient. Not only is she married to Chris, but she birthed Sofia. 

So . . . . a VERY happy birthday, Jennifer!! I love ya!

(Have I mentioned that she is patient?)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

He will be a hit in college!

Girls are going to love Andrew . . . . especially if what he is trying to accomplish REALLY does happen. And if it does, I don't want to know. Just sayin' . . . .

And that is all - because honestly, I don't really think there is much more to add. Plus, I just don't want to think about it too much . . . . .

Friday, August 6, 2010

Frick & Frack

This picture really sums up the relationship that Timmy and Sofia have. Nick and Sofia were over the other night so Chris could take Jennifer for dinner before he went on his little boy's weekend and ditched her on her birthday. Wait - that is totally not the point . . . .
Anyway, Timmy told me about his "suction cuppy feet" a few days ago and then showed me how he can just climb up the door. Lovely - I can hear the conversation in the ER now . .  "No, Mr. CPS Officer, I didn't throw him on the ground, he was climbing the door - HONEST!"
I kind of wondered why there were footprints that high - but was scared to ask. So, the night that the kids came over, Timmy couldn't wait to show Sofia his new talent. Like I didn't know what her response would be?!? She shrieked (I think one of our windows broke and all of the neighborhood dogs started barking), "I can do that, too!" Of course she can - and she did! I couldn't wait for her to show Chris and Jennifer.
They are the same - twins that somehow have different parents and birthdays - but twins, nonetheless. I once yelled at Timmy for whining - but it was actually Sofia. They have the same mannerisms, whine, sayings . . . .
We are trying to pay them off NOW to elope. It'll be easier in the long run. They are both such SLOW eaters that we should really start the reception now - otherwise we will be dead by the time the cake needs to be cut. We are also going to flip to see who has to babysit their kids. NOT IT! I volunteered my brother and Sheena - they just don't know it yet. Any other takers? They are really cute . . . . .

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The day that changed our lives . . . . . . .

Picture it:
August. 2007. Fishers Park. Four yr old kids learning tee-ball. A proud dad sits on the hill watching his son while another proud set of parents sit a few feet away watching their own son. Little did they know how their worlds would change and collide in a matter of mere moments.
A cute little blonde girl is getting bored watching her brother. A cute little blond(ish) boy is also getting bored watching his brother. She catches his eye . . . . . DOWN.SHE.GOES! The little boy laughes. So, of course, she does it again. He laughs harder. What is so funny? The fact that her chair is on a hill - and gravity took over. The poor dad just shakes his head and starts talking to the other parents (who were also shaking their heads).
After talking for only about three minutes, the poor and unsuspecting parents realized how alike these two adorable little angels (**cough**  - sorry, had something stuck in my throat) are. In fact, they are seemingly identical - it's scary. This is a fact that still continues to scare people - even people that are around them all of the time. They have been mistaken for twins more times that we care to admit. When asked, we usually all tend to start twitching and shaking our heads no very vehemently.

That, my friends is the day that changed our lives.

What - you thought I was going to be all sentimental and talk about our wedding? Ha! The birth of my first child? Nah - that was yesterday and the moment is over. Nope, I am talking about the day we met the Colella family - or, more importantly, the day we met our future daughter-in-law. The day Frick met Frack. Tweedledee met Tweedledum. Sonny met Cher. Bonnie met Clyde (sadly, we are probably closest on that description). Meeting them also helped us to meet and become fast friends with Jill and Bob. Andrew gained two best friends . . . we gained four best friends . . . and Timmy gained - well, he got Sofia and Brooke. I will let you decide who made out the best in the whole deal. 
Who knew that one little prat-fall would have such an impact? Three families now bound forever - all because two cute little two year old kids were bored out of their God-forsaken minds at a Victor Town Rec program.

Now that the story of Tim and Sofia has been set, I can now start to share other stories. Wait until you hear the underwear story. Sadly - there is more than one underwear story and they both happened before they turned five.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Ahden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow . . . I can't believe we let him live - errrr, I mean I can't believe Andrew is seven!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember the good old days when we wondered if he would ever talk? Now we wonder if he will ever STOP talking! (no comments from the peanut gallery) He can argue his way out of anything - and he makes total sense. I hate it when my child can use basic logic to outsmart me. It isn't fair!
Audition for the Sesame Street Bouncer
I would love to say that he was our bouncing little boy but weighing in at 8lb 15 oz two weeks early  . . . . well, he was never little. In fact we called him our beluga when I was pregnant. Now we just call him Rainman. Man is he going to be ticked when we let him watch the movie!! Wonder how much therapy will be in a few years?? It may sound mean, but this boy loves numbers. I am willing to loan him out to anyone heading to Atlantic City or Vegas - just call! Remind me later to share the story about how he figured out there are 72 hours in three days. I can't answer his  questions anymore - so I lie. (joking) (sort of)
Florida 2010
We are (usually) proud to tell people that he belongs to us - the other times we tell people his last name is either Smith or Colella. Seriously, he is a great kid - and smarter than us so we have to be nice to him. We are truly proud of him. I am not sure what makes me more proud - his compassion or sarcasm. Either way . . I love him SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! (and I promise to stop calling him Sweet Pea on the baseball field)
By the way, green is Andrew's favorite color . . . . and soon I will be painting his room GREEN - not green, but GREEN. Wish me luck!
Oh - you are probably wondering where 'Ahden' came from - well wonder no more! Timmy couldn't say Andrew for a bit so he called him Ahden!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Redneck house . . . .

The other day we got a new chair - for some reason the almost eight year old glider/rocker/recliner needed to be replaced. So it was a bit . . . worn - I like to call it well-loved. So it had Kool-Aid stains (thanks, Timmy) - I like to think of it as tie-dye. So my wall had black marks from where the boys would spin the arms into it - I like to - nevermind, that was just plain annoying. It was still one of the most comfortable chairs EVER!
We ended up getting a really nice rocker/recliner (no swivel = no marks on the wall). We also were lucky enough to get a new redneck house for the kids. Like any true child, the box was the coolest thing we could have ever gotten them. They had a BLAST with it - as you can see from the pictures. More than once Andrew would have the box all taped up (with Timmy inside of it) and would ask me to take it to the post office. Even more than that, I would have the box taped up with BOTH of them inside of it and getting the phone to call for a UPS pick up. What? I had airholes for them!
At one point - we really did look like the Beverly Hillbillies when I was repainting the front porch railing and Rich was watching me. The Hillbilly part comes in when I tell you that our little table, chairs, and bench from the porch were in the front yard. Along with the OLD chair from the great room - which Rich was sitting in. Oh yeah - and the boys were playing in the box which was in the front yard. YEEE HAW!

And you thought it stopped with our fancy pool!!!! See, we move to swanky Victor and start living the good life! Well, at least we pretend to live it - we aren't fancy like our friends who live in Farmington!! Everyone has to dream, right?

And don't forget to check your front porch . . . . you never know where the boys may end up!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The gang

Friends . . vriend . . ami . . freund . . amico . .
cara . . amigo . . kaibigan

This is the motley crew at the beach the other day! From L-R it's Andrew, Timmy, Ty, Spencer, and Nick. Lord knows where Sofia and Brooke were at that point . . . probably picking up older men. It was actually a fairly "normal" day for us - aside from the fact that Timmy asked Jill if there are jellyfish in the water. We were at Canandaigua Lake and last I knew there hadn't been a sudden jellyfish infestation!
Anyway, this is a group of boys that does a lot together so I wanted to make sure I introduced them to you all. I should also mention that we do a lot with their parents. A few years ago I went from having two little Irish boys to having seven kids - including kids that are part Italian and part Filipino! Their births were a piece of cake . . . . and isn't is scary how they all actually look alike?? I have actually mixed up Timmy and Nick when looking at them from behind. And don't even get me started on Timmy and Sofia. Those tow deserve their own blog entry. Oi! 
If you haven't noticed, I have a slideshow on the right side of my blog - all of these lovely children are in those pictures - and I can promise more stories and pictures to come!

Oh - Gizzy . . . I know I said something about an entry today about boxes . . . well, that will come tomorrow!
The pictures are still on my camera and I am having trouble getting them . . .

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Their Clubhouse

So most kids have a treehouse or fort . . . . my kids have an ottoman. Yup. An ottoman. As tempting as it may be, we don't sit on it when they are in it. I can't say the same thing for Andrew when Timmy is in it . . . . sadly, Timmy has tried to trap Andrew but Andrew sees him as a mere annoyance when lifting the top up. On the bright side, at least I know where they are . . . . . Wonder what they will do when they are too big. Well, when Andrew is too big - we won't have to worry about Timmy outgrowing it until at least college.