Welcome to my blog. It has become therapy for me and I hope you laugh and cry when reading it. Why cry? Because that is what I want to do on a daily basis because I am either laughing hysterically or becuase I don't know what else to do and murder is still illegal! Enjoy!

Friday, July 15, 2011


No, not me! Duh - I TALKED in my sleep! (shut up - all of you)
Andrew takes sleepwalking to a whole new level . . . . . . first of all, I need to say that he comes by it genetically. My brother used to walk in his sleep - he once walked into our parent's room, got a washcloth from their bathroom, and then went into their walk-in closet and fell asleep. Rich used to walk in his sleep, too. One night he almost fell into the basement of the addition that his dad was putting on the house! Thankfully my father-in-law was there - otherwise my life would be VERY different today!!
OK, back to Andrew . . . . . . . there have been a number of times when we have heard him walking around upstairs at night but never really thought much of it. He has also been known to come downstairs to our room, wake me up, mumble something (that is also something he comes by genetically), and then just head back to bed. Amusing things but nothing earth shattering.
That is until recently. The first incident happened when I was in CT for the weekend . . . . . apparently Rich woke up in the middle of the night and heard water going down the pipes. Let me just say right now - (never thought I would this) THANK GOD the pipes from the upstairs bathroom run right behind our bed. Rich kind of rolled over and assumed that one of the kids went to the bathroom. After a few minutes, he realized that he could still hear water. Hmmmmmmmmm, not that many things in our house are normal - but that certainly wasn't normal! Rich figured he should investigate. . . . . .
As he walked upstairs, he saw the bathroom light on. Then he realized that the shower was running. Yes, the shower. Hmmmm. Again, middle of the night shower - not a normal thing. After turning the light and shower off, he checked on the kids - both seemed fine and were tucked into bed and sound asleep. Hmmmmmm......
The next morning, Andrew comes down and that is when the mystery is solved!! He started laughing as he told Rich that he woke up naked with his PJs in his dirty clothes. Yes, naked. And, now, you know the rest of the story. (RIP, Paul Harvey)
Sadly, it doesn't end there. . . . . this morning Andrew came down - laughing. Yes, I immediately got scared. He said, "Mom! If it looks like I am wearing a different PJ shirt than I was last night, it's because I am!" (imagine all of that said in 1.5 seconds while laughing hysterically)
I (naturally - and hesitantly) asked why . . . .
"Because I woke up with no shirts (yes, he said shirts) on! I was confused and I looked all over my bed and my room. I couldn't find it so I said, "Forget it! I will just put a new one on!" Then I remembered that I had to pee so I went into the bathroom. That is when I looked down and saw my shirt IN THE GARBAGE!"
And, yes, that was an exact quote because I heard the story three times this morning!
The next few years scare me.
Oh - this doesn't even include the numerous times that we (meaning Rich) have run upstairs to guide the sleepy boys into the bathroom after hearing them run laps in their rooms . . . . . or the time that Rich went up and found Andrew standing at the bathroom sink with his PJ shirt around his waist. Yes - somehow he got the top of his shirt down around his waist.
Hey - at least they entertain us!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

**tapping on monitor** Hello?? Is anyone out there??

Yes, I know it has been a long time. Yes, I know I said that last time, too. And, yes, I know I said I would be updating more. Yes, apparently I lied. *hanging head in shame*

Anyway . . . . I want to wish my mom a VERY happy birthday!!! No pressure on me though for this entry. Nope, none at all! Hmmmm, maybe I need to check the laundry.
Yup, still going.
**cracking knuckles**
Tapping foot - a lot. Just to annoy mom.
Now I am drumming my fingers on the counter. To annoy mom even more. I bet dad is proud of me, though!
OK! Let's get this blog going!
Wait - was that the phone??
Nope. Doorbell?!?! Nope.
((said in my best Spongebob narrator voice)) FOUR HOURS LATER . . . . . .

Sooooooooooooooo . . . . . . .
Mom. Hmmmm, where should I start? I guess I should just start - otherwise it won't be your birthday anymore. Well, without you, I wouldn't be here. (shut up) Neither would Andrew or Timmy (big and little). So, thanks for that whole giving birth thing. And, sorry about the back labor. Want some McDonald's? I hear it's really yummy during labor . . . . .
Seriously - I can't thank you enough for all you have done for all of us. You are our rock. We know that we can call you any hour of the day or night and you will be right over. Say, for instance, at rush hour right around Thanksgiving . . . . . raw meat still grosses me out. So thanks for saving my butt with the turkey, too. I know there are other examples but we don't have enough time to list them all.
You aren't just the world to me - you are more than the world to the boys. I am pretty sure that you rank higher than I do in their world. I can only hope and dream to be half of the grandmother that you are when  my boys have kids (which won't happen for MANY MANY MANY years). In fact, they have asked me about 100 times this morning when you are coming over ..... and when they can spend the night .... and when you can grandkid sit again ...... and if Rich and I are going away so they can have REAL Nana time.
Honestly, I can only hope to be half the person you are in my life - as a friend, mother-in-law, and mom. You have more compassion and love than anyone I know. You go out of your way to see the good in people. You give people more chances to prove themselves than they deserve. You are fair - but have high expectations. For that, I am forever grateful. You have taught me how to see the other side when I think about things and people. I will never forget how involved you were in our school activities while teaching and being involved in your own school things. It's because of you that I am who I am. You opened my eyes to so many things - good, bad, funny . . . . . you helped me realize that the world is basically a good place but life isn't always pretty. No matter what has happened, you were always next to me to help me through the good and bad. And I know that you will always be next to me. There is so much more that I could say (shut up) but I think you get the idea . . . . . .  
I love you mom!!!

And I still think I should have been an only child. No guilt though!